Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentine's Gifts Part TWO

Happy Wednesday My Blogger Friends!
It's Stamp Camp Day today and I have TWO FULLY PACKED session going on.  I will be ready to sit with my feet up and a nice glass of wine at about 9:00 this evening.  Until's off to the races for me.
My Share today will be more of the Valentine's Day treats that I received from several of my SaddleBrooke Friends last week.  Let's JUMP RIGHT IN with that share........

First up is this SUPER AWESOME Valentine's Treat that my downline and stamping friend Marge made for me.  She wrapped both of these gifts up in a pretty bag and handed it to me on Wednesday when our SaddleBrooke Stampers met.
This first gift is an amazing package of Rolo's candies wrapped up to look like a pencil....HOW STINKIN CUTE IS THIS!  She wrapped her Rolo candy in a bright yellow cardstock and then added a Hershey Kiss to the bottom (for the point of the pencil)......and used some silver and pink cardstock to make the top of the pencil and this little cutie took on the look of one super fun pencil.  LOVE IT MARGE!
And the other gift Marge made me was this STINKIN CUTE mini mailbox that had two Hershey Nuggets stacked inside and she wrapped DSP around the nuggets to create a charming little mailbox.  She even added a red flag to the side of her mailbox and topped it off with a charming little heart.  THANK YOU Marge for making me these two ADORABLE gifts.  They are displayed on my upper cabinet of my studio........
Next up is my Valentine's MYSTERY GIFT.  It seems like every year this person "GETS ME".... and I can never catch them in the act or trace back to who might have made this for me.  I thought I had it narrow down this year.....but nobody is telling me who made this gift for me........
My gift started with an amazing Pink package that had all the beautiful pink colors that I ADORE and plenty of chocolate both inside and out........
When you lifted up the chocolate ribbon that was tied up at the top of this little cutie......Out popped a FULL SIZED....MOTHER LOAD Hershey's Chocolate bar.  I ALMOST passed out from HAPPY when that gorgeous chocolate bar came out.  SO.....Needless to say...whoever this gift is from - you honestly hit this one out of the park.  I LOVE IT.....and the only thing that would make me happier....Is if you belly up and tell me it was from you.....and I'll even split the candy bar with you (PROMISE)!
Next up is this OH SOOOOO PRETTY....and OH SO KATHIE gift!
I received this pretty candy cane heart from my good friend and fellow DFF Kathie.  She made this GORGEOUS little White Chocolate heart by joining two candy canes together and pouring white chocolate into the center and then adding sprinkles.  I will tell you that Kathie is my one friend who take something that is "just every day" to the next level.  Her packaging and "art of presentation" is INSANE....and I ALWAYS LOVE IT when I receive something from her.  It will always be decorated with STYLE and BEAUTY!  Thank You Kathie for making me this special little Valentine's Treat!
This card I received from Marie who participated in our SaddleBrooke Stampers Theme card exchange swap.  She made this beautiful card for our swap and I was the lucky winner of all her hard work.  Thanks Marie....Love what you did for your exchange card.
And last (but certainly not least) is the card that Pam made for me.  Trust me when I say....this card did not photo well.........But Pam's card is OH SO BEAUTIFUL and has SO MUCH DETAIL added to it.  I love that Pam created her card as though she's looking out the window on a cold winter day.  Love the little bling she added to the branches of the tree.....and the holly over the top of the window is simply gorgeous.  Thank You Pam for thinking of me and making me this special card.
So there you have it friends ...... Day Two of the treats and cards that my fellow SaddleBrooke Stampers made for me on Valentine's Day.  I'm not done sharing my Valentine's Day treats with you......but tomorrow I want to begin sharing the first of the four cards that my Stamp Camp gals made at our February Stamp Camp.  Hope you can stop back tomorrow for that share and I'll start back up with the rest of my Valentine's Treat early next week.  Keep Living Your Dream!


  1. You have so many talented & creative crafters your way! Great treats! Plenty of Chocolate in your house!

  2. sweet treats. that rollo candy with the candy kiss top is the cutest "pencil" ever!