Saturday, February 02, 2013

Birthday Card by Ann

Happy Saturday My Blogger Friends!
I have BIG PLANS today to begin making a dent in my February Stamp Camp kits and will need to put my head down and get busy cutting and sorting if I want to have this task done by February 20th.  I'm confident I can get everything cut up this weekend ........ and that will leave me to packaging up the Camp packets next week.
My card share today is an amazing birthday card that my good friend Ann made for Jack's 80th birthday.  I'm going to check with Ann to see if she has a link or written instructions on how to make this AMAING FOLDED CARD......and with any luck....I'll be able to post something to you'all early next week. (UPDATE: Here's a link to Dawn's Stamping Thoughts on how to make this card: - THANKS LIZ for forwarding this to me)

Here is the card that Ann made.......
Ann's card was a gift in itself.........It was full of so much folding and DSP that she had a belly band wrapped her card to keep it closed.
Each of these section on Ann's card had DSP cut and adhere into each of the spaces......
And when you took the belly band off........The card exploded with DSP panels and expose a center section that had a birthday poem written by Ann and her husband Jim.
This is what the card looks like when you peel back the four sides and you can see exactly how much work that Ann put into this card.
We had requested that our friends NOT BRING GIFTS.....but everyone knowing that Jack LOVES chocolate..........and everyone brought something CHOCOLATE RELATED.  Ann and Jim just couldn't help but to write Jack this fun little birthday poem.  The real FUN was a six pack of Ghiradelli chocolates that they taped together (I think to look like condems?????) and as Ann and Jim were reading Jack his card......they let the linked chocolate fall out of the card.....and hang down like a six pack of (condems) Chocolates.  TOTALLY made everyone LAUGH HARD....and it was a cute little joke to play on Jack ....... and an EXCELLENT start to KICK OFF our evening.
So there you have it........Jack's  birthday cards.  He received some amazing birthday cards and some fun fun birthday SURPRISES.  I sent thank you cards to all our friends and told them they would be on the list for Jack's next birthday party in 20 years.
Thanks for joining me today.....I'll be back tomorrow to share some cards and gifts I've receive ....... Hope you can make plans to come back and join me for that share.  Keep Living Your Dream!

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  1. Ann you're card has me cracking up! Ba ha ha! What a genius idea of attaching those chocolates to fall out the back! Crazy design here, I'll have to put it on my Bucket List!