Monday, February 11, 2013

Another Gift From Debbie

Happy Monday My Blogger Friends!
Okay my blogger friends....I have a major apology on my blog post from yesterday to make.  I posted that my bookmark gift was from my Camp Friend Cindy.....and MY BAD......I messed up and that gift was from my good Camp Friend Debbie.

I feel soooooo bad that I typed Cindy's name (even though Cindy was the one who dropped off the gift ..........but the gift was from DEBBIE!) .  Can you forgive me Debbie?  I SERIOUSLY feel soooo bad that I posted Cindy's name and want EVERYONE to know that Debbie was the maker of that ADORABLE Bookmark.
SO......for today's post I have the second gift that my sweet Camp Friend DEBBIE made for me. Check out this STINKIN ADORABLE Pillow Box Gift......
I mentioned to you last week that Debbie was looking to make some Thank You gifts for her school volunteers that helped her and Cindy with their school book fair......and when she saw the pillow box gift that Abbie made for me.....she was HOOKED!
Debbie used some Calypso Coral DSP for my pillow box gift....and added the reverse pattern for the belly band.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pretty flower that she added to the top of her pillow box and the designer brad just puts this flower OVER THE TOP!
Here's a close-up view of the belly band that Debboe created!
And can you even guess what Debbie put inside my pillow box gift????????
You guessed it........DOVE CHOCOLATE.  I figured Debbie has come to enough of my Stamp Camps and knows exactly what kind of chocolate I love (but then again.....I haven't met a chocolate I don't like......)!

So there you have it.......the gorgeous gift that Debbie made for me.  Many thanks to Debbie for including me on her pillow box gift giving list.

Thanks for joining me today.....I'll be back tomorrow to share my FU (Fabulously Unique) January swap card that Debbie created......I'm hoping that you can come back and join me for that share.  Keep Living Your Dream!


  1. gosh, this is so adorable! hugs, m

  2. So Sweet! Love the little flower too and who can resist a little chocolate! Dove at that!