Thursday, December 08, 2011

Did Someone Say PINK?

Happy Happy Thursday My Blogger Friends! Today I want to share with you my spooky tree that I have in my studio ...... but first, I want to share Day 8 of my Countdown to Christmas Calendar that I made for Jack.
Today's tag is one of Jack's favorite things to do (next to watching football).....and that is reading.  Today, Jack will indulge himself and have an entire day of reading ...... reading ....... and more reading!  Know this will make him very happy today!
Now....On with my share.'s my spooky studio tree - all decorated and looking "Oh So Pretty".
The last time you saw this spooky tree was for Halloween and that was seriously decorated with a spooky look.......but for Christmas.......I did a 360 degree change and put a pretty in pink spin to my tree and mission complete with my Pretty in Pink Christmas Tree.
I hung several different sized pink bulbs along with some tiny white and silver bulbs and added several pink bows directly to the branches of my tree.
Here's a super close-up of my pretty pink bulbs........LOVE 'EM!
And here you can see some of the tiny silver and white bulbs along with the darling pink bows that I made for my Christmas Tree.
It's hard to pick which of the pink ornaments was my favorite......I think this one just might be my most favorite ornament.......
 BUT........I also think this one might be my favorite one too.......
I kept the black base for my spooky tree and removed the Halloween scallops that were on the base for Halloween.......And I added pretty pink bows to each of the sides of my black base.  Totally keeping the Pretty in Pink theme for my studio Christmas Tree.

I'll be back tomorrow to share a fabulously yummy card from my good friend Mary Fish....Hope you can join me for that share.  Keep Living Your Dream!


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