Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Christmas Decoration 2011

Happy Tuesday My Blogger Friend....Today I will be sharing my Christmas decorations with you at my Arizona home - but first up I want to share Day 6 of my Countdown to Christmas gift for Jack....
Today I made Jack a tag which gives him a full night of Moving Wactching with me.  I absolutely know this will be one of Jack's favorite tags.
So on December 1st I worked at getting our home decorated for the holidays.  Here's our Christmas Tree all lite up and looking pretty amazing!
One of my favorite decorations that I put under the tree every year is this charming little train that my grandson ADORES!  I filled up the two cars with some red sparkly bulbs (being as there are no little fingers handling it anymore) and my heart just skips a beat remembering all the wonderful memories that this little train holds from each of the grandkids.
 This year my ornaments are Gingerbread Men.  I started a tradition YEARS AGO that I make my ornaments for my tree.  This year is in honor of the time we decorate our gingerbread houses (which will be December 18th this year in Wisconsin) with the grandkids.  Because I'm not going back to Wisconsin for December....I will be missing the annual gingerbread house decorating party and felt like the best decorations I could make would be these adorable gingerbread men.
 I traced a gingerbread cookie and came up with a template....and then I cut these little babies out of Creamy Carmel Cardstock.  I ened up making over 100 of these little cuties........and all I did to embellish them was use some puffy paint for the white zig-zag and three buttons down their front.
LOVE LOVE LOVE how these turned out......and for sure when I skype the kids on the 18th - we will be doing a walking tour of all our decorations .  Know the kids are going to LOVE this years ornaments.
This is my second favorite part of decorating for the holidays.....and that is hanging each of the grandkids Christmas Stocking.  Each of our grandkids have a Christmas stocking hung above our Christmas Tree and YES.....I even have one for my GrandDog Trinity!
 Here's a close-up of three of the families ....Jared, Hailey, Steven.....Brooke.......Levi, Bodie, Delilah!
 Our Dining Room table is very simple this year and very few decorations (mainly because I have camp and club and I know I'm going to have to move things off this table two to three times in December)........I have a tall container that I added silver and white bulbs to and added some sparkly trim to the table and called this one done!
My chairs have a piece of silver garland hanging from the back with a Red bulb hanging at the end and pretty white bow at the top.
 We put our Chistmas Village up in the Bar area...........
And my snowman village collection made it's home on the top of my sideboard in our dining room.
And one last final look at our decorated Christmas Tree.

I have a special share planned for tomorrow........I was asked by my fearless leader Tracy at Craft Junkie Too (http://CraftJunkieToo.blogspot.com) to share a Christmas Card with my viewers on December 7th.  I was so excited to prepare a special Christmas Card especially for Tracy and can't wait to share it with you tomorrow. 

Hope you can join me tomorrow for my special Christmas card share - Keep Living Your Dream!

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  1. wow! your home looks warm and wonderful . . . just like you! love the train and all the stockings! hugs, m