Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Cards From Friends

Happy Happy Saturday My Blogger Friends.  Today is Day 10 of Jack's Countdown to Christmas Calendar and here is what his gift is for today...........
Being as it's Saturday - it's tradition in our house on Saturday to watch the college teams come together and play football.  Today, I have reserved a front row seat for Jack to watch as many college football games as he wants and I'm hoping his favorite teams WIN BIG!
So today I have two cards to share with you ...... First up is a card I received from my dear friend Sandra.  She made me this super cute pengiun card and it seriously makes me think of Wisconsin and all the burrrrr and cold that we don't necessarily get here in Arizona.
I love when you open Sandra's card ...... the two pengiuns are looking like they are doing a HAPPY DANCE on the snowflake paper she has put on the inside of her card.
 Sandra even added some glitter to the inside of her card........
The real WOW FACTOR was this GIANT snowflake that was die cut out on the front of her card ....... making her card a kind of see through type of card.  And I love how Sandra has positioned her two little pengiuns to look like they are peeking out of the center of the snowflake ...... OH SO CUTE!  Many THANKS Sandra for sending me this super cute Christmas card.
One of my favorite cards I've received so far is this card from my good Crafternooner Buddy Opal.  The attention to detail that Opal gave this card is UNBELIEVABLE!  I love how Opal embossed not ony the Stockings ..... but also the frame of her card.  The embossed stockings are SO BEAUTIFUL and I simply LOVE the color of green Opal used for her card.  I also love the four red brads that opal added to the corners of the frame - this seriously added a beautiful punch of color to her card.  I have to say ....... this card made me SMILE BIG when I opened it up.
I love how Opal sanded spots of the stockings and frame to give a special little textured look to her card - It takes on a very aged and distressed look ......... Something so unexpected and something so beautifully done!
And as if the texture of the sanded stockings and red brads weren't enough ....... the sentiment that Opal placed at the bottom of her card is atually made from a tiny piece of metal.  Thank You Opal for putting me in the HOLIDAY SPIRIT ......... I LOVE LOVE LOVE your card!

Hope you have some amazing plans for today - I'm going to get the first batch of my Christmas Cards done today - so please wish me luck!  I'll be back tomorrow to share round two of the Christmas Cards I've been receiving ..... Hope you can stop back tomorrow and join me.  Keep Living Your Dream!

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  1. Go Packers! We are headed to Sam's (NFL Ticket) to watch today at 2:15 . . . you should join us! Love the cards. The two penguins peeking through are adorable and I love the texture and simplicity of the stocking card! Hugs, M