Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Another Christmas Card

Happy Happy Tuesday My Blogger Friends - Today will be a super fast post - as I have a class I'm taking down at my local scrapbook store today .... along with getting my nails done ..... and a fabulously fun Stampin' UP! Christmas Party to go to tonight.  It's going to be TIGHT DAY today.  Let me start out with sharing my Countdown to Christmas Calendar tag for today:
It's a free ticket to act as Jack's I.T. support person.  Now if you know my Jack - You know he's not computer savvy - and he has a fuse that is about an inch long ...... so when things go wrong with his computer ..... he typically makes enough noise that I come a running.  This free ticket will encourage him to start yelling SOONER and with less intensity.  Merry Merry Honey Bunny!
Today I'm going to share a super fun card I made last week at my local scrapbook store.  Check out this Saloon Door Christmas Card.......
The shutters on the front of this card was super easy - basically just stack the slates on top of each other and call it DONE!  (Of course it seriously helps when everything is cut up for you and someone just hands you a packet of materials!)
The card opens up to reveal a super fun window frame that has a clear window sheet in front of the frame - giving this card a seriously great look.
I seriously would use a Holiday set from Stampin' UP! next time......and believe me ...... there will be a next time with making this card.

That's it for today - I'm off to get things checked off my list.  I forgot that I also have to make a cheesecake for my Christmas Party tonight ....... So I had better FLY and get that done.  Enjoy your day and I'll be back tomorrow to share the last Christmas Card I made with you.  Keep Living Your Dream!


  1. i'm the IT guy in our home, too! love your saloon shutter card. how clever! hugs, m

  2. I love your Shutter Window card. Can you share the tutorial?

    Ter ;)