Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tri-Folder Gifts for Stampers

Happy Saturday to you.......Hope you are having a FABULOUS weekend and you are getting LOTS done and spending LOTS of time RELAXING. Today I'll be sharing my spin on the most recent stationary holder that my SaddleBrooke Stamper friends are making. While I away in September, they did a Fun Shop on making portfolio/stationary holders using a manila file folders (but they all ran down to the Dollar Store and picked up some amazing file folders that had cute cute flowers decorated on the front). The fun was that you open up the file folder and score it and flap it over to create a stationary holder for your cards or note pads......My spin is that I used cardstock and added a notepad and a pocket on the right hand side to store a couple cards in the goes: Here's a sample of the five that I made. As you can see, I added two circles to the front which have a piece of thin cording that winds around the back side of the circles to keep the portfolio closed.
Here's what the Really Rust version looks like opened up. The small 5"x7" note pad goes on the left hand side and the right hand side has a 5-1/2"x 7-1/2" pocket created so I can slide four cards into the pocket and then be able to close the whol portfolio up and secure it.
Here's a close-up of the front of the Really Rust portfolio...... And a close-up of the inside of the Really Rust portfolio.
I just know these are going to make some amazing gifts and I can't wait to give them out to my closest friends.
Enjoy your Saturday and stop back tomorrow when I'll share yet another (and yes it probably will be another noteholder of some kind) project with you. Until Sunday.....Keep Living Your Dream!

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