Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Note Card Portfolio

Happy Tuesday to you.....Hope you had a fabulous weekend....I DID! Today I want to share more portfolio's that I prepared for the upcoming holiday's. These babies came together so quickly that I couldn't stop at just one......OKAY......, so I'm ready for all kinds of gift giving for the upcoming holidays. Guess I'm living the Boy Scouts motto....Be Prepared (or is that the Girl Scouts motto??????). Here's a shot of all six portfolio's completed and ready for gift giving.
When you open the portfolio up (by sliding off the belly band), you expose the center to envelopes on the right and the left hand side has four envelopes glued together to make pockets for each of the four cards to slide into.
Here's a close-up of the glued together envelopes. I snipped off the tops of four envelopes and then stacked them and glued them to form pockets. Each envelope pockets holds one of four cards.
Here's a picture of the four cards and envelopes just waiting to be tucked into their pocket and closed shut. The front flap folds over and around to create the portfolio which the belly band wraps around.
Hope you enjoyed todays project and that you can stop back tomorrow. Until Wednesday....Keep Living Your Dream!


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