Friday, October 29, 2010

CrossPlains Retreat

As many of you know, the Cross Plains Library in Middleton Wisconsin has generously rented their facility (FOR FREE) once a month to my Madison Scrapbooking buddies. We head out there at 8am and don't leave until 11:30pm. We been doing this for several years and since I've moved to Arizona....I've had to play from afar....well, that all changed in September. I was able to go back and be part of the ALL DAY FUN and today I want to share just a few pics of the crazy bunch I hang out with from Wisconsin.........(and I do mean CRAZY-which will show itself at the end of this post): Here's a view of most all my gal pals who participated in the September retreat (sorry Hailey and Lauren.........I missed you.....)
This was closer to the end of the day for Jessica. Poor Jessica looks like she's draggin - but believe me.......that was short lived. Jessica slows down just long enough to catch her breath and then comes back to life and makes us all laugh with her amazly funny stories.
Here's beautiful Em.......she has to be the pressiest nurse I've ever seen. She made the long trip down to Madison that weekend to spend time with the Madison scrappin gals. Thanks Em for coming-it was AWESOME seeing you.
Here's my buddie Amber....she has to be the single most HILARIOUS friend I have. She's an amazing scrapbooker and next to my daughters......the BEST mom in the land. She totally makes me laugh each and every time we get together........
And, I leave you with this picture........speak of making me is Amber-just about ready to TEAR HER HAIR OUT! LOVE you Amber girlfriend.
Thanks for letting me share my FUN retreat day in Madison........I'll be sharing some Halloween treats the next couple of stop back on Saturday and Sunday to get a peak at a few Halloween goodies I've made this year.
Until Saturday.....Keep Living Your Dream!

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  1. OMG I just saw this email! You are too sweet! I was having such a crappy day too and you brightened it for me! Thanks Kadie!!