Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Stroll Through Our Back Yard

Come take a stroll through our back yard and ramanda. Here is the view of our Ramanda - where we eat our dinner every night (when the weather isn't in the 40's). This view is looking from the pool.
If you were to turn around from the photo above and look - this is what you would be looking at. Our Pool and lovely garden where many of the photo's that I shared with you the last couple of days were taken from.
Here's yet another close up view of our can begin to see our traditional dining room table for this area.
And here is the full view of our Ramanda and table. I just love coming out here and eating our dinner - there is a ceiling fan right above the table and when those HOT Arizona days get to be TOO MUCH - you flip on the fan and's totally comfortable out there.
Thanks for stopping by and as promised - tomorrow I will begin sharing some of the Kards I've been busy creating. Hope to see you tomorrow. Keep Living Your Dream!


  1. Kadie... your garden and ramanda are just wonderful. They are so peaceful and I can see why you spend your evenings eating out there.
    Right now... I'd love a splash in your pool!
    thanks so much for sharing

  2. Hi Kadie, I am in Love with your Backyard Retreat. Such an inviting place to spend some time and relax. Do you mind if I move right in and do my recovering at your house? Lol. It must have taken you several years worth of work to have it looking this gorgeous. Did you have it planned out on paper, and work with someone, or did you just wing it from your heads as you went along? It is so green and pretty with all of the paths and plants, and I really like your dining area outside. Who would ever need to leave to go on vacation? You have the perfect vacation spot right at home! Great job. I am impressed and in awe.

    Cyber hugs, Trish in Wisconsin