Saturday, May 29, 2010

Flowers in My Garden - April

Thanks for stopping by today...... I'm going to post today something that is TOTALLY NOT Kard Making related (well......Guess I can't say it's not related.......because.....I do have a beautiful view from my studio window of some very beautiful things in our front I can't say that today's post is not Kard Making related)! Anyways.....On to my post.......I took some photo's of just a few of the beautiful flowers in our yard - and I want to share those with you. Here we go...... Who would have thought that PINK could be so bright in the desert?
And how about RED........beautiful color on our Ramada....
Here are some lovely flowers in one of our traditional Mexician pots......
These yellow flowers along with the purple flowers (next) are poolside in our back yard.
All in all......I have to say that I have as much color in my yard in Arizona as I had in Wisconsin - only difference.....It's color ALL YEAR ROUND in our yard. Thanks for stopping by today - and hope you can return tomorrow when I'll share with you some pictures of our every beautiful yard. (I promise by Monday I'll have some photo's of Kards I've been busy creating.) Keep Living Your Dream!

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  1. Kadie.... your pelargoniums and pansies are beautiful. I LOVE the Mexican pots you put some of them in, too. Just amazing!
    thanks so much for sharing