Friday, July 05, 2013

Happy 60th Birthday SURPRISE

Happy Friday My Blogger Friends!
Today I have some extra special pictures to share with you.....And they are all from a wonderful SURPRISE Birthday Party my best friend Nancy threw for me.  Let me begin by sharing my arrival to my birthday gathering......
 As I walked into the kitchen......the very first person I saw was my oldest daughter Cheryl (who lives in Wisconsin) taking this picture of me (SURPRISE!).
Someone was smart enough to sit the two of us down and got this picture of us!
 Next I was SURPRISED that my youngest daughter Jenni (who couldn't be there because she is expecting to deliver Baby Twoie in less that 3 weeks)........was all set-up on Skype waiting for my arrival.  LOVE this picture of the two of us chatting!
 They set-up a chair for me to begin opening my gifts and this was a gift from all my Wisconsin Scrapbooking friends.  Cheryl had taken this picture of all the gals and each of them wrote me a sweet birthday message on the frame.  The PERFECT GIFT from some pretty perfect ladies!
Here I am opening several of the gifts that my best friend Nancy gave to me......
And yet another Nancy gift (does this good friend know how much I LOVE PINK?).
This gift actually made me CRY.......and it was a special gift that Nancy gave to me!
One of the most treasured gifts I received was from my SaddleBrooke Stampers Group.  This box was FILLED with hand-made cards from my fellow stamper friends.  SERIOUSLY.....this one made me cry too!
Off to the sofa I went to read and look over the sweet handmade cards that my grandkids made for me........(I realized that 60 had officially caught up with me......and I should have taken my readers out of my purse before trying to read these cards!)
I also spent some time looking at the cards that my daughters gave to me.
I was also able to spend some time visiting with some of my good good friends!
 But one of the dearest and heartfelt gifts I received was this fabulous scrapbook album from my daughters.  They FILLED the album with both OLD and NEW pictures ....... and made Jack and I realized we are blessed beyond words to have such an amazing family and group of friends.
So there you have it friends........My 60th SURPRISE birthday party.  I couldn't have asked for a better gift to have my daughter come and celebrate my birthday with me and surround myself with several near and dear friends.  Many Thanks for letting me share my special day with you.  I'll be back tomorrow to share more of my 60th birthday cards with you.  Keep Living Your Dream!


  1. What a beautiful and memorable day for you. You truly are blessed!

  2. You are so loved Kadie! Glad you had a wonderfully memorable, blessed birthday!

  3. Oh my goodness, tears running down my face! You're such a sweetheart and are loved by so many people! I know it's because You love them in return! Hugs and Happy Birthday!

  4. what a wonderful surprise to have your daughter arrive and a party full of friends and fabulous gifts! loved the photos. congrats on 60!

  5. sweet....yes, you truly are blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. Thanks for sharing with us! Happy 60th!!!