Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Birthday Card From Kathie

Happy Tuesday My Blogger Friend!
Today I begin sharing all the amazing and fun things that have been coming my way for my birthday.  My birthday is the Fourth of July.....and three of my good friends surprised me on Friday with a birthday party.  Here is the picture Kathie took of me with Kris and Rochelle......

Now this gathering last Friday was to be a "Sharing Day" that Kathie, Kris and Rochelle typically have on the fourth Friday of the month.  I am not normally part of this group.....but the ladies asked me to be part of this group for the summer.  Two of their regular guest (Debbie and Carolyn) are gone for the summer and they were planning to keep the fun going over the summer and thought I might like to join in.  SO......I was planning to meet with these ladies and share "something" with them and have a "Social Hour" with three of my favorite SaddleBrooke Friends.  LITTLE DID I KNOW that they were planning to surprise me with a "60th" birthday cake and gifts!  Needless to say....they pulled this one off BIG TIME and I was TOUCHED beyond words! 

So the card I want to share with you today was one that I received from Kathie!  So to know Kathie is to appreciate the FABULOUS PRESENTATION that Kathie puts into each of her gifts.  I only wish I had taken a picture of the packaging that she created with this AWESOME birthday card in it.
This card is VINTAGE taken to the LAND OF WONDERFUL and OVER THE TOP!  The very first thing that struck me when I opened this card was the BEAUTIFUL Vintage Lace that adored the picture of the little girl.
Not only did Kathie add this gorgeous vintage lace.....but she also added a beautiful pink flower brad to the little girls hair.  And if that wasn't enough.......check out the teeny tiny heart that Kathie added to the little girls dress! 
Kathie also created this OFF THE CHART pretty pink flower.  OH SO PRETTY!   And you can see some of the gorgeous trails of pearls that Kathie added to this card.......A perfect touch for such a lovely lovely card.  Many THANKS to Kathie for creating me such a beautiful birthday card......You have clearly mastered the Vintage/Shabby Chic technique girlfriend!
Thanks for joining me today - I'll be back tomorrow to share another birthday with you......Hope you can make plans to come back and join me for that share.  Keep Living Your Dream!


  1. Happy Almost Birthday, Kadie. I had forgotten that this was your birthday also! Should have written a note in your card about it and it just fell out of my mind!

  2. Speechless! Kathie's card is precious! Made with such love! What a wonderful surprise your social hour was! You have the sweetest friends in Saddlebrook! I didn't know it was the big 60 you little Rascal!

  3. I love vintage cards and this is so gorgeous! You are blessed to have such great friends. Such a nice surprise! Happy early Birthday to you!!!

  4. what a fun surprise! congrats kadie on (almost) 60. stunning vintage card! love and hugs!