Saturday, June 01, 2013

Card for Doll Baby and Steven

Happy Saturday My Blogger Friends!
Day 9 of my Hummingbird update.......And let me tell you something.....Today and tomorrows pics are going to BLOW YOU AWAY!  Check these out......
This picture was taken by my girlfriend Rochelle's husband.  OH MY's like he was right next to the nest.......(but not to worry.....he has an amazing camera that he was able to zoom in for the shot)...........
My Momma Hummingbird (Goldie) had just returned back to the nest and got right to work feeding Spike and Gizmo.  UNBELIEVE how clear these pictures are.  MANY THANKS to Bill for his amazing work at getting these two pictures.
I have two cards to share with you today.  First up is Doll Babies (Brooke's) card.....
Brooke's congratulations card is for graduation to the next level in her karate.  She promoted to Brown Belt and has advanced into the upper level of her Karate Leadership group.
So......I stamped her this darling Karate Girl stamp that I have......and colored the suit red (for her leadership colors).....and gave her a BROWN BELT!
A sweet little Congratulations from the "Curly Cute" stamp set........
And I even tied it off with a chocolate brown piece of ribbon on the front of her card.  The real magic was the McDonald's gift card that I added to the inside of the card.........Just know that's going to make my Doll Baby say....."I just LOVE NaNa!
And my last card share is the one that I made for Steven.  I didn't want him to be left out on all the fun of receiving a card in the mail.....OR....the McDonald's gift cards that everyone else received.  So I made Steven this cute "Just Because" card.
I stamped this darling little monster from my sash and colored him with green and purple markers.  I also added some yellow eyes and finished him off with some orange teeth and toe nails.
I used Rich Razzleberry, Pumpkin Pie and Lucky Limeade cardstock......figured it needed to be BRIGHT and HAPPY.  Think I knocked this one out of park.  Steven is going to love this card.
But most of all.....He will LOVE the McDonald's gift card that is tucked inside.

Well....I'm off to host my Stampin' UP! Open House today.  I have LOTS going on.........LOTS of ladies showing up.........and I still have LOTS to do.  I'll be back tomorrow to begin sharing some of the sample cards and projects that I've made for my Open House.  Hope you can come back and join me for that share.  Keep Living Your Dream!


  1. Unbelievable shots of those Humming Birds! they need to be published! Your two cards are so smart! Love the idea of tucking a Mc Donalds Card inside for everyone so convenient and makes everyone happy! Love the little Monster so much!!

  2. I'm with Patti . . . unbelievable photos! The belong on a postcard for AZ! Sweet cards for the kiddos . . . love the brown belt (perfect) and the oh, so scary monster (darling).