Saturday, April 09, 2011

Sketch Book

Hi Blogger Friends.......I'm back and sorry that I didn't post on Friday.....Life just sometimes gets in my way. It's funny ..... because as many of you know.....I go on 4-hours of sleep a night! And I always say.....I rarely say I just couldn't get it all done in my day. With only sleeping 4-hrs every night-I typically have LOTS of time to get things done. This past week was another story. I found myself coming as I was going....and at one point....I RAN INTO MYSELF. I'm hopefully back in the swing of things and hope to be posting regularly. Let's get started with my post for today....... I want to share a cute little project I learned from Kristina Werners blog.......She made these adorable sketch books and I just knew that I would have to be making these SOON! Here's what I came up own Idea and Sketch book for cardmaking. (I seriously made one for scrapbooking....but for the life of me.....I can't put my hands on it)These are super easy to make and the hard part is deciding how you want to decorate the cover of your book
Here's a close up of the bottom right hand corner of my sketch book......
Here's the inserts that you run off on your copy machine and by using a Close To My Heart stapler......the pages come together with no problems. I made my friend Nancy one for her scrapbooking sketches....but you think I would have taken a picture of it before I gave it to her??????? Well......I guess I didn't. I am planning on making a few more of these (for a certain somebody.....wink know who you are......) and giving it to her on an upcoming weekend.
Hope you have some fabulous plans for today......My BFF and I are getting together to have lunch and then attend a Fun Shop in the afternoon. Can't wait to see her......She's was busy this past week and we had ZERO time together (expect for our nightly chats through email) and I'm feeling like we need to catch up......Looking forward to spending the greater part of today with her.
I'll have more card creations to share with you tomorrow.......Hope you can drop back and take a peek. Keep Living Your Dream!

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