Monday, April 25, 2011

Note To Self/Long Tall Candy Gift

It's Monday and I'm hoping that everyone had a fabulous weekend. I have a few more gifts to share with you today......I'm hoping that your not too bored with the gifts that I made for my BFF........Here's a recap of all the gifts that I gave to Jan....Today we will be viewing the "Note To Self" notepad and Long/Tall Candy gift....... I made Jan candy gifts for each of the days we were in Mesa....and for some reason....this is the only one that I look an individual picture of.......The packaging is clear window sheets and it holds hersey nuggets - which are wrapped up in DSP. As you can tell from the pic.......One clear window sheet packaging holds 8-nuggets and the other holds 6-nuggets. Just enough to keep a girls strength up while doing a day of shopping at the convention.
I decorated the top of each packaging with a belly band a flower.....
Next up is a cute little post-it-note holder that Jan can drop into her purse and have a way of jotting down a quick little note to herself.
The holder is held close with a small piece of velcro....super easy and super cute!
I have one last gift to share with you tomorrow.....Hope you can return and see the cute little Purse with matching notecards that I made for Jan. Keep Living Your Dream!


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