Sunday, April 03, 2011

2-Little Eggs

Happy Sunday My Blogger Friends! Today my three grandkids from San Diego are arriving and I can hardly wait. We have SO MUCH planned for their short, I'm posting a quick post to something we found in the back yard on Friday. Check this out...... This is one of our stair-step planter beds that are against our back wall. Can you see the two little white circles behind the plant that got frozen out from our HORRIBLE winter.......
Here's a closer look........
Check this out. Jack found these when he was cleaning out the beds in preparation for our planting.
I'm pretty sure they are eggs from one of the MANY Dove we have in our yard. The sad part is......she forgot to make a nest.........and hasn't returned to sit on them. Not sure what we are suppose to do with them. Thought we would give it a little bit and watch to see if anyone comes to claim them. Last year you might remember that Mommy Dove made her nest on our wall and built her nest right on the branch of our palm tree.
Keeping my fingers crossed that someone returns!
Hope to post some pictures this next week of my SUPER BUSY grandkids. We have a treasure hunt planned......Going to color easter eggs........Decorate a Easter Bunny House and Easter Cookies........and probably go spend some time at the pool. They will only be here three short days - But my plan is to wire them up all cookies and ice cream........Spend a BOAT LOAD of time with them and SPOIL them to pieces before they head back to California.
Hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday and can return tomorrow for a quick post. Until Monday.....Keep Living Your Dream!

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  1. I'll bet by now you've all had a fun-filled day. Rest up for tomorrow you all.