Monday, November 18, 2013

Organizational Tip -SketchBook

Happy Monday My Blogger Friends!
Today I have a fun little organizational share that I use when I'm scrapbooking.  I have created a sketchbook that keeps all kinds of sketches I've found on-line of layouts that can assist me when I'm feeling like I'm out of ideas.

I took a store bought journal book and just began filling the pages with layouts from the internet.
The journal book can be a hand-bound book or something as simple as a three ring album that you add ribbons and a title page to.
There are tons of on-line site where you can find sketches......
And all I did was print them out and began filling my journal books with these layouts.
Each of these pages gives me a starting point for when I'm feeling like I have creative ideas left in my head.
This is a great way to jump-start your creative juices......
And brings my scrapbooking together in a snap!
Thanks for joining me today!  I'll be back tomorrow to share a creative idea for all my cardmaking friends......Hope you can make plans to stop back and join me for that share.  Keep Living Your Dream!


  1. Well, this is a neat idea! I will have to look in to some internet sketches when I get to my scrap booking. I have 6 bags full of items to be put in books. Plus, I have a lot my Mom's stuff in a box that I need to organize and put in a book also. Lots and lots for me to do and keep my mind busy. Thanks for the great tips and sharing them with us!!!!

  2. I'm interested in sites for layout sketches like what you've shown to name one or two to give me a place to start?

  3. what a neat idea and such a pretty presentation!