Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Sunset Arizona STYLE

Today I will be posting something that is NOT PAPERCRAFT related. It's a Sunset......Arizona Style! I took these pictures from my front yard - Just as the sun was setting. Have to tell you that I was looking out into the back yard and saw this amazing PINK color that was GLOWING in the back yard.........I ran to the front of the house and opened the front door to find these picture.
I was SO LUCKY to have my camera within reaching distance......This sunset happened SO QUICKLY that if I would have had to hunt for my camera.....I would have missed it.
These next few pictures are as I walked down our front walkway towards the street.
And one last photo of the sun setting in SaddleBrooke Arizona. This is why I love Arizona SO MUCH.........Every day.......I Keep Living My Dream!


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