Tuesday, November 02, 2010

September Pool Party

It's November 1st and will be sharing some pics of my grandkids with you today. These will not be your typically "OH.....aren't those the cutest grandkids ever" pictures. I have to tell you that I have some of the FUNNIEST grandkids-who in their own way......can make some pretty hilarious faces........here we go: Here are the four grandkids in Wisconsin as they are gettin ready to JUMP into the pool together. I think they were hoping to make a GIANT splash...but.....none of them have ONE OUNCE of body fat on them-so a BIG CANNONBALL was NOT HAPPENING.
This is a sweet little picture of my two granddaughters as they were hanging out in the pool just talking. Brooke (or as I call her "Doll Baby") on the left....and Hailey (who by the way-looks JUST LIKE her mom - my oldest daughter). These two girls get together and there is NO SEPERATING them.
And now there's Jared (on the Left) and Steven (the youngest) on the right. Steven is going to be the comedian/class clown. He totally makes me laugh. We asked the kids to make some silly faces and well......Steven is an EXPERT at faces.
And then there's Hailey.......she can make this face and continue talking at the same time. I'm not sure if it's something in the family that 2 out of 3 kids can make the craziest faces-but I'm sure that some day when Hailey is like 18 years old....she's going to want to burn all these pictures.
I'll end this post with my two beautiful daughters. Jenni (the youngest and on the left) and Cheryl (on the right). They are truly best friends and really enjoy hanging out together. When they get together, they will get to laughing so hard that you swear someone is going to wet their pants. LOVE you girls!
Thanks for stopping by and letting me share 6-of my most favorite people in the world. Hope to see you tomorrow and remember......Keep Living Your Dream!


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