Monday, November 01, 2010

Mummy Nuggets

I want to share one last Halloween treat that Sue (my SouthWest Stampin Up! demonostrators) shared with me at our October demonostrators meeting. These were made with the new Petal Card Extra-Large Double punch on page 202 of the new catalog. Check these out...... All she did was punch two of these petal card punches out......glued the three sides together and then added 1/4" strips around the front to create the wrapping of the mummy. She inked the edges and added some gogglie eyes. TOO CUTE OR WHAT!
Here's a close up of this darling little mummy (can a mummy be "darling"?)......You add a hersey nugget to inside of this packaging and either hand out to the little goblins that visit on Halloween - or - use them to decorate your house (as Sue did).
Thanks Sue for this amazingly CUTE CUTE CUTE Halloween treat......Two of my grandkids received enough of these to share with their classmates this year.
Hope to see you tomorrow - I'll be sharing some pics of a pool party we had back in Madison with my grandkids in September......I guarantee you.......My grandkids take some amazily FUNNY PICTURES. Until tomorrow......Keep Living Your Dream!


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