Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kitchen Resurfacing

Today I'm going to share a completely NONE STAMPING related post - It mainly is so my family and friends back in Wisconsin can see how much our kitchen has changed since their last visit..........SO.....Let's get started...... This is s shot of my kitchen when you walk in from the hallway at the front door. Our old cabinets use to be a nasty blonde oak finish.....along with all the cabinets in our home......and they were really out-dated and though blonde in color-they always looked dirty.
Here's a view of the kitchen from the sliding glass door which leads out to the Ramada. We typically will eat our meals either at the Ramada of at this counter bar area. We do have a formal dining room.....but.....honestly......we have only eaten one or two meals there.
Here's a close-up of the corner portion of my kitchen. The counter top stove is to the right and the dishwasher and sink are to the left.
Here's the counter top stove area........I love how Miguel finished all the cabinets.....he did an amazing job of resurfacing the wood and now all the wood finish in our home is this amazing mission style finish.
And here's one last shot of my amazing (new/old) kitchen. I love spending time in my kitchen.....It's bright and large enough that both Jack and I can work together - without running into each other while we are preparing our portion of dinner.
Can't wait for my kids to come back out next year to visit......they will be amazed at how different things look when they get here.
Hope you can stop back tomorrow as I'm preparing to leave for my trip back to Wisconsin on Thursday........As much as I try to plan for my departure date.......something always comes up that requires me to RUN LIKE A CHICKEN WITH MY HEAD CUT OFF at the last minute........Hope I can get everything I want done before Thursday morning.......WISH ME LUCK!
Keep Living Your Dream!

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  1. Your Kitchen looks nice. So bright and roomy. Good luck getting ready. I always seem to forget something. LOL!