Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Eve

Happy Thanksgiving Eve to all! Today I was out BRIGHT and EARLY delivering my Thanksgiving treat baskets to 19 of my SaddleBrooke friends. WOW....If you could have seen me sneaking around in the dark trying to get my task done......well.....Let's just say, I'm glad the SaddleBrooke Patrol wasn't anywhere in sight. They might have taken me in for questioning-FOR SURE! Let's start my baskets out with this A*D*O*R*A*B*L*E (and I do mean ADORABLE!) Turkey Pencil. These are the very same Turkey Pencils I made 170 of for my 7-grandkids classmates AND......I also taught my fellow SaddleBrooke Stampers to make at a recent Saturday Fun Shop.
Here's the Pumpkin Basket I made using my Big Shot Large Scallop Die and from my Cricut for the Leaves (A Garden of Words). As you can tell from this picture.........I haven't stuffed my treat bags with goodies yet.........I was working on getting everything together so I could start an assembly line to get all 19-baskets filled.
Here are all the goodies I pulled together to get my treat bags filled with a Thanksgiving Blessing Mix. My plan was to gather all the goodies and then start dumping things in the little plastic bag which was going inside the pumpkin basket.
And here's an overhead shot of all 19-pumpkin baskets just waiting to be stuffed.
And finally.........a close-up of the Thanksgiving blessing basket that I deliveried at 5am to my friends up here in SaddleBrooke. The one thing I forgot........was to take a picture of the completed blessing baskets. Hopefully, I will grab my camera later today and snap a picture of the one remaining basket I made for my studio.
Many blessings to you and your families as celebrate Thanksgiving 2010. I hope you are able to spend the day HANGIN and CHILLIN with those close to you. See you tomorrow when I'll share with you those people in my life that I'm Thankful for. Until tomorrow.......Keep Living Your Dream!

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  1. What a really special thing to do for your neighbors! Those are super cute! Love those baskets and I'm looking forward to that picture of the contents. You have a great day tomorrow!