Monday, October 08, 2012


Happy Monday My Blogger Friends!
My post today is later than I normally post.......and that's because I didn't want to get out of my comfy cozy bed this morning.  Being away all weekend, I forgot how FABULOUSLY DREAMY my bed feels at the end of a long scrappin day!
BUT.....Now that I'm up......I have a fun stamping share that does not involve ink or paper.....BUT DOES involve stamping.  It's a stamping project that I received from Kathy this past weekend at our Scissors and the City Event.  Here's a picture of Kathy (front and center in blue) along with the rest of the gang that I shared this past weekend with at the Hilton Garden Inn in Tucson......
Now.....check out what Kathy placed at each of our table settings when we arrived at the Scissors in the City Event on Friday morning........
 Kathy had a yummy yummy bag of shortbread cookies waiting for each of us!
 Kathy created these yummy treats with the new Stampin' UP! Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps!
 The cookies were made with a YUMMY - OUT OF THIS WORLD shortbread recipe......
 That honestly.......Took me NO TIME to sample.......
And by the end of the day......this was all that was left of Kathy's yummy yummy creation.  THANK YOU Kathy for sharing this bag of yummy goodness with me.......I'll be adding the Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps on my next Stampin' UP! order.
And speaking of yummy creations.....I hope you can join me tomorrow for the yummy cute creation that Donna made for each of us at Friday's opening event.  There's a sneak peek of this cute creation in the picture above....... 
Keep Living Your Dream!


  1. Nothing is better than a good night's rest in your own comfy bed after a weekend long scrapping event. Hope we didn't tire you out too much! Thanks for all the publicity for our weekend. Miss you!


  2. It was just the best weekend. I am so glad you joined us. You added so much to our table. Thank you for all the wonderful gifts you made for us. You are a terrific friend. I can't wait until the next one where we can continue to laugh and share and "dribble" again. LOL You are the best!!! Kathy