Sunday, July 25, 2010

Guess What Jack Came Home With?????

Happy Sunday to you......Hope you have been having a great weekend....It's just about over...... Today I want to share a quick post and show you want happens when you send your guy out to get his glasses fixed. Sometimes they do come home with mission completed...and then some. While at the eye glass market, Jack saw this cute little critter (have to say at first I thought it was a dog.....but after looking at for some time......have to say...I'm not sure). It's an eye glass holder for me to use in my studio.
It holds perfectly my studio eye glasses that I often times have just laying on the top of my desk and often times have several things thrown on top of the glasses. It's a wonder I've only busted one pair of eye glasses (thanks Jan for noticing I had a new pair on last time the CraftNooner Gals got together......).
So here sits proudly front and center on my studio desk my eye glasses so I never again have to search or wonder if something is sitting on top of them. Thanks HONEY for being so thoughtful and thinking of me while you were out doing your LEAST FAVORITE thing and that is shopping.
Hope to see you tomorrow and I'll be draggin out some of the things I've created in July and sharing those with you. Keep Living Your Dream!

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