Sunday, July 04, 2010

Day Four of Blue Moon Scrapbooking Field Trip we are at Day Four of my field trip to Blue Moon Scrapbooking store and.....It's my Birthday! I have one of those AMAZING birthday's that fall on a holiday - the good news is NOBODY in my family forgets my birthday.....the bad news.....I was crushed when someone told me my Dad wasn't telling me all the fireworks weren't just for me. Happy Fourth of July to ALL....... Today I'm revealing that the last four days have lead up to the most amazing birthday gifts I could have asked for. When Jack asked me what I wanted for my birthday - I was happy to reply - Thanks for buying all the great finds at Blue Moon Scrapbooking Store (he kind of looked at me like WHAT....and then quickly realized I had done my own shopping)-isn't he just the best!
When you walk into Blue Moon Scrapbooking store (actually, it's a warehouse - but most of their business comes from On-line shopping why go to all the glamour of having a retail store when all you need is a space to store all your for me)....anyways...when you walk into the store, you walk directly into a room that is as big as my studio or guest bedroom and the entire room is FILLED with 7gypsies product. WOWZIER.......UNBELIEVEABLE.....If you are 7gypsies lover like will completely think you have landed in Scrapbooking Heaven. It is amazing what they have......Here's what I picked up
Two 6x6 paper packs - Calais and Reef Journey and I also picked up two 8x8 paper packs - Ocean and Outback.
I also grabbed up a couple of these rubber band book kits. Think they are going to make a great little keepsake book for my grandkids.
And these were a special little find.......7gypsies paper clips that you snip apart from the metal sheet........How adorable. They even have alphabet letters in the center of each of the cute. So needless to say - I had a fabulous time shopping at Blue Moon Scrapbooking and if you would like to visit their site, here is where they are located:
If you want to send an email to Scott over at Blue Moon Scrapbooking, here is his email addy:
Thanks for stopping by and spending some time with me. Happy Fourth of July to you......and....Hope you can join me back here tomorrow. Keep Living Your Dream! I AM!


  1. Happy Birthday! Love all your Blue Moon stuff. Sounds like you all had a great time!

  2. Happy Birthday Kadie!! I did not know you had such a special birthday and mine is Pearl Harbor...hmmmm, I guess your the lucky one!! :-) Happy Day Dear Friend!