Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Birthday Gift from Sandy

Shortly after I moved to SaddleBrooke, I found a stamping group that I called to inquire how I could about joining. To my surprise, the gal I got connected to was Sandy and when I learned she was from Madison, Wisconsin.....I knew we would become fast friends. She invited me to join in at one of the stampers meeting and she offered to be my mentor - which was a treat to me.....It totally was going to help me connect with this stamping group. So a long story short - Sandy and I became fast friends and enjoy not only chatting about Madison but also enjoy our time together creating cards. Here is the birthday card that Sandy dropped off at my front door on the Fourth of July.
As you can see - she did an amazing job decorating my birthday card with all of my favorite colors and elements....but the topper when when I reached into the bag that was sitting at my front door and found this.........
HOW CUTE IS THIS? It is a charming 3-D house with shutters, curtains and the house decorating works. Along with a roof that lifts off. Inside the house are several yummy Hershey chocolate bars (which are my all time favorite candy bar).
Here's a close up of the adorable house......She even gave it an American Flag to hang right outside the door.......AMAZING details!
And.......here are the candy bars all wrapped up in the center. Can you tell that she has decorated each of the candy bars to resemble American Flags. Now is that too cute for words or what?
Thank you Sandy for this amazing birthday gift. I was overwhelmed with happiness when Jack brought it into the house on my birthday......I have given it a front and center spot on my upper studio cabinet and that way I can look at it each and every time I come into my studio.
I am truly BLESSED to have two such special friends in my life here in SaddleBrooke and am touched that you remembered my birthday and helped me to celebrate my special day.
Thanks for stopping by today and stop back tomorrow when I'll share some birthday surprises from my grandkids. Keep Living Your Dream.

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  1. An AMAZING job indeed. Sandra is SOOOOO talented!!! Love it!