Thursday, July 29, 2010

Birthday Card from Jared

There is nothing more that my grandkids love than to see something they have made or given me posted on my blog. This one is for your Jared.....Thank you for my amazing birthday card you made me. While the other kids might still need some help in writing up their birthday card - Jared is at the age where he can go off and create and make something all by himself. This card represents his feelings for his NaNa on her birthday.
I love how he created this image of himself on the back of my card and he even took the time to hand-stamp a "Made by" tag on the bottom of my card.
And here is a close-up of Jared's Hand Made by stamp..........
Jared has lots of talents and he can often times be found in his room drawing or sketching out images - and more often than not.....they are really really good. I'm sure that he will continue developing his art talent over the years and someday....who knows.......This birthday card will be an Original by Jared. Thanks Jared for the amazing birthday card you made me. I LOVE IT!
Hope you can indulge me a couple more days as I will be sharing the additional cards that Steven made for me.....and then also my Doll Babies cards and wrap it all up with my card from daughter. Keep Living Your Dream!

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  1. Mom,
    Jared was so surprised that you posted his birthday card on your blog. Too cute!!!! I had no idea that he put that "made by Jared" on the back of his card. You know where he got that from?? Just goes to show you that kids pick up even the most smallest things that we do. Glad you enjoyed all your birthday wishes!!!!
    Love ya....miss ya!!!