Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2010-2011 SU Idea Book & Catalog

It's official - the 2010-2011 Stampin Up Idea Book and Catalog has arrived. After I tore my envelope to pieces trying to get to my early released copy - I just had to tag all the MUST HAVE items and then thought it was time to Bind my copy. Here is the final results of my Bind-It-All project...... I used my Bind-it-All and bound my idea book and catalog right out of the gates. I love how the Bind-it-All allows the catalog to lay flat on any surface.
Here's a close up of a single binding section.........
And what the entire binding section looks like. I decided to bind my book in three setions of six binding rings - I not only like the way that looks but I also have a much better track record of pulling off the look then trying to do the entire spine of my catalog.
Here's a quick peak at what my case of catalogs looked like after I tore into the box........
And the original box when my favorite Mr Brown Delivery Man dropped it off at my door. Needless to say, I was waiting at the door so my delightful package never had the opportunity to sit at my door - It truly was hand deliveried by Mr. Brown.
Thanks for stopping by and hope you join me back here tomorrow for some cards I recently created. Keep Living Your Dream!

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing this too! But I don't have a Bind It All! I take mine to Staples and they do it for me! I also get them to put protective sheets on the front, back & each category(8) in the book! I then get cd pouches(also from Staples) & put them on each category to keep receipts, my wish list, post it notes,etc. Very handy! Another good thing about is the pouches come off when that book retires and can keep on using them! They also have tabs so I can label each section of the book! Love It!