Monday, July 22, 2013

SU Riverton Facility

Happy Monday My Blogger Friends!
Over the next couple of days......I will begin sharing with you some of the highlights at the 2013 Stampin' UP! Convention I went to last week.  Let's jump right in......
One of the first things on my "To Do At Convention" list was to take a tour of the Stampin' UP! Riverton facility.  We were offered shuttle services from the convention center to the Riverton at 1:00 on Thursday......Jack and I jumped on the shuttle and were driven out to Riverton.  This is what we saw when our shuttle pulled up to the facility!
Of course.......Tradition has it.......that you SIMPLY MUST have a picture (or two) taken in front of the big Stampin' UP! Rock.......that is located at the entrance of this fabulous facility!
When you walked into the doors of the Riverton facility...........this beautiful banner filled the atrium area.............
And a visit to the Riverton facility wouldn't be complete without stopping at the waterfall that is right smack in the center of this building.  SERIOUSLY GEORGEOUS!
But what totally took my breath away.......was seeing how our Stampin' UP! orders are processed.  Let me tell you something friends.............I seriously think you could have eaten off the floor of this portion of the building!
It was SO CLEAN...........and SO WELL OILED!   You could tell that this STATE of the ART Pick-Line System had a HUGE AMOUNT of Stampin' UP! energy put into the planning process of this system!   
And even though all us demonstrators were standing there pointing and clicking our camera's......The workers knew they had a task to do and kept their heads down and stayed focused at their work. 
This gal in particular was just CRANKING out the boxes and material needed to get all our Stampin' UP! orders out the door.
 And here's my GOOD SPORT Jack as we were on the bus being taken back to the hotel.  You can only image how LOUD a bus-load of Stampin' UP! demonstrators must have sounded to him.  (It even got a little loud for me!)
Thanks for joining me today.....I'll be back tomorrow to share more Stampin' Up! 2013 Convention pictures with you.  Hope you can make plans to stop back and join me for that share.  Keep Living Your Dream! 


  1. Wow....Absolutely gorgeous building. Nice pic of you and the SU rock. It looks so big except Brian King's pic. He makes the rock look small. =) Too funny! I can just imagine that it would be loud. Thank you so much for sharing the pic's.

  2. All I can say is "Poor Jack!" What a trooper! How did we manage to not see each other????

  3. Oh no poor Jack! So wonderful to see you there! What an exciting moment!! You are missed already!