Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sweet Treats for Karen

Happy Sunday My Blogger Friends and thanks for joining me today.  I'm SERIOUSLY (and if EVER I said SERIOUSLY - today I MEAN SERIOUSLY) going to take the ENTIRE DAY and spend the day PLAYING in my studio today. 

I have been on a full run since right after the first of the year.  I've been busy with Stamp Camp ...... Stamp Club ...... Crafternooners Group ....... FU Group ....... SaddleBrooke Stampers Group...... SW Stampers Group ........ Ranchette Group ......... and lets not forget the every day Cleaning of  the House - Doing the Laundry - Making the Beds - Tackling the Pile of Ironing - Paying the Bills - Taking out the Trash - Feeding the Pets ( a little carried away - I DON'T HAVE A PET!) Well ...... you get the idea ..... It's all those things that we all do automatically - to keep our families and households running smoothly!  I feel I just need a day that can be spent just hanging out and not feeling like I have to get something checked off my TO DO LIST.  SO TODAY I'm going to time creating in my studio - FOR ME!  I do have a fun little share for you today - that my neighbor Karen asked me to make for a birthday party she was celebrating with her golfing ladies group.  Check this out .......
My neighbor and friend Karen asked me if I would create a dozen of my Hot Cocoa Cones for a birthday party she was throwing for a friend of hers on Friday the 21st.  I was touched and honored that Karen wanted to use a gift that I had given out at Christmas.  And honestly ..... I knew all I was going to have to do was change up the color and make the Hot Cocoa Cones into Birthday Party Favors that Karen could hand out to the ladies that were attending her party. PIECE OF CAKE EASY......CAN OF CORN......CERTAINLY A WALK IN THE PART Y EASY!
I honestly just kept them the same as last years Christmas Gift and just switched up the ribbon and tag to make them pretty in pink for her friend.
 I just love how they turned out and think they were a big big hit for Karen's friends.
OH.......How pretty.......
And this would be the very reason I'm flipped out crazy over the color PINK - What isn't there to love about how fabulous these looks!
I used two different colors of pink ribbon to close up my hot cocoa cones and added a little tulle and a tag to complete these party favors.
LOVE......LOVE.......LOVE how these turned out.  I was so THRILLED how they turned and even remembered that I hadn't taken any pictures of them and was able to slip back over to Karen's house before Friday and get these pictures to share with you.  This was HONESTLY one of those creations that I almost HATED to give away!  I know that Karen LOVED her party favors and I hope all her guests enjoy them too!

I'll be back tomorrow to share a fun little Valentine's mailbox projet that I made last week down at Real Deals.  I went down with two of my girlfriends and we had a BLAST creating our very own cutie Valentine's Day Mailbox.  Hope you can come back and join me for that share.  Keep Living Your Dream!


  1. OH these look so good Kadie, send some my way could ya, would ya? do you do videos on your creations you really should you know.

  2. I can attest that this is the most scrumptious hot chocolate ever!