Saturday, January 07, 2012

12-Days To Birthday

Happy Saturday My Blogger Friends!  I have a super fun share for you today ...... It's a special little treat that I started on January 1st for Jack's birthday.  He will be celebrating his 79th birthday on January 12th and I wanted to do something special for him this year and decided to do a 12-Days of Birthday for him.  (Kind of like the 12-Days of Christmas.......but do it specific for his birthday.)  Here's what I've given him so far........
I started out by pulling 12-tag envelopes that I bought at Hobby Lobby while on vacation last summer (I would like to think I purchased these with a plan in mind ...... but honestly ..... I just thought these were so stinkin cute that I couldn't just leave them behind).  I pulled out my trusty Cricut and my all time favorite DoodleCharm cartridge and began making 12-cupcakes to decorate the front of each of the 12-envelopes I was planning to give to Jack.  I also pulled out the "Happy Birthday" stamp from the Teeny Tiny Wishes set and stamped that birthday wish on the bottom of each of the 12-envelopes.
I made 12-colored tags to slide into each of the envelopes and printed out on the computer a special birthday message for each day I was presenting one of these to Jack.  I began the first day with the 12th Day till Jack's birthday message and each day after I just started counting down to Jack's birthday.  As you can tell ..... the first day I gave Jack a loaf of bread and a trip to Starbucks to enjoy a morning cup of espresso along with his yummy bread.  HE LOVED IT!
On the 11th Day of Jack's Birthday I decided since the Badgers were playing in the Rose Bowl, I would give him the all time perfect gift .........
He was able to cash in on the house to himself for the entire afternoon (I ran up to the Ranch and scrapbooked with my girlfriends - so he could watch the game without any interruptions).
On the 10th Day till Jack's Birthday I knew exactly what was in store for him ....... It was the first Tuesday of the new year and that meant we were back to playing Trivia ..........
I wrapped up a package of Trivia questions and had him bring those with us when we went up to have coffee at Starbucks.
 On the 9th Day of Jack's Birthday it was time to cash in on some chocolate ........
 I left Jack four Hershey Kisses to remind him how special he is to me.
I leave you today with a sneak peek of what's still to come as I prepare to share the 8th Day of Jack's Birthday with you tomorrow......Hope you can come back and join me for that share.  Keep Living Your Dream!


  1. What a cool idea! Very thoughtful and loving. tfs

  2. Lv this idea. Just found your blog. Enjoyed looking at it with my coffee in hand.

  3. what a sweet and thoughtful idea!

  4. A very cute and thoughtful idea. I bet he loves everyone of them.

  5. This is the cutest idea and an inspiration! He's got to be loving this!! Anita R

  6. What a great idea!! I love it!


  7. I think this is a great idea to celebrate for 12 days =we all need reminded that we are special.

  8. you always know how to make Jack feel like a king! hugs, mary

  9. Kadie,

    I like how you changed this to "12 Days before Jack's birthday". Know he will enjoy it and look forward to it each morning; I hope as much as Tom did for his "12 Days to Christmas".



  10. What an inspiring idea! I love it!! My husband has a very special birthday coming up later this year, now you've really got me thinking! Love the tag envelopes too. X

  11. What a FUN way to celebrate someone so special! Everyone wants to feel special on or around their Birthdays. This is a very touching gift. Thanks for sharing.

    Cheryl McAskill