Friday, November 04, 2011

More Halloween Cards

Happy Friday My Blogger Friends!  Today I have several cards and projects to share with you that my friends in SaddleBrooke made for me......especially for Halloween.  Let's get this share started.......
Right out of the gates is a fun little "Ding Dong Ditch" surprise that my friend Sandy deliveried to me.  She some how managed to sneak up to my friend door and drop this little treat off ..... and she did it all without me seeing her.  (It's kind of hard to sneak up on studio window faces the front walkway of my I see all the comings and goings to our house).
As I walked through my laundry room from the garage.....this little package caught my eye.  When I opened the front door......this was sitting on the entry rug.......Let's take a closer look at what Sandy left for me......
As if the card that Sandy made for me wasn't special enough......Sandy also made me this AWESOME bread!  Sandy makes some amazing breads and Jams and seems she is always surprising me with a fresh sampling of her goodies.....and let me tell you something my friends.......It is ALWAYS so DELICIOUS!  Jack and I actually fight over who gets the last piece.....(and I'm sure this loaf will be no exception!)
And here is the DARLING card that Sandy made for me.  The work she put into this card is SO AMAZING........It just made me smile from ear to ear as I held it and read the awesome little message on the inside. 
THANK YOU SANDY for SURPRISING ME.....and for thinking of both Jack and I with the YUMMY and AMAZING loaf of bread.
Next up is this fun little card that my FU Buddy Ann made for me.  She handed it to me on Saturday afternoon and when I opened it.......I actually SQUEALED when I saw how orginal her little creation was.  It actually looks like a Halloween sack....and one that has been distressed with what looks like a burnt edge across the top......OH SO COOL ANN!
She even decorated the inside with a fun little Halloween message....and on the side.....a piece of gum all decorated with a spooky Halloween Skull.  Thank you Ann for your fun shaped Halloween card - I really do ADORE IT!
And my last card I received was from my good buddy Opal........It was actually the only Halloween card I received in the mail this year.  My Jack came into my studio to deliver it on Halloween afternoon....and as we opened it together he SMILED BIG when I pulled it out of the envelope.  He knew immediately it was a very special Halloween card from "his girlfriend Opal" (inside joke Opal...Wink Wink).
Opal made an amazing Halloween fold for her card - and she also used one of my all time favorite Halloween DSP that Stampin' UP! ever had.  Many thanks Opal for thinking of Jack and me.....we love your card.
And I leave you today with one final look at all my Halloween cards and goodies for this year.  When I was thinking of a spot to display all my Halloween Treats.......I decided that the bookcase where I store my Cricut Cartridges would be the perfect spot to display all my Halloween Treats. 
So each and every time I walk into my studio.......I'm able to pass by these treats and enjoy looking at them time and time again..........
Many THANKS to all my friends that made me something special this Halloween Season......I without a doubt am blessed to have each of you in my life.....and treasure not only our friendships......but all the amazing treats you have made for me.  THANK YOU!

I'll be back tomorrow to share some amazing cards that my fellow SouthWest
Stampin' UP! Demonstrator friends made for our October Swap Card exchange.
Hope you can swing back and join me for those......
Keep Living Your Dream!


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