Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fun Shop Cards

Happy Sunday my Blogger Friends!  What a fabulous weekend SO FAR......I plan to spend part of today in my studio (finishing up on my Stamp Camp packets) and the other part of my day in my pool.  So....Let's get started with my Sunday Share.  Today, I want to share a couple cards that I made at a SaddleBrooke Stampers Fun Shop that was taught by my fellow stamper Marie.  Marie's goal was to teach us how to tear paper to make horizon image cards.......Check these two cards out that I made........
First of all I have to tell you that the colors on both of these cards is LACKING BIG TIME in my photos.  The layers of colors that I created in person are amazing.  We began our Fun Shop by tearing stripes of three or four different colors of brown cardstock to create our mountains.  We distressed the edges to soften down the look and began layering our brown cardstock - one above the other.  Before long I had created the moutains for the base of my card........WOW!
We also used an edge of another piece of torn cardstock and some very light blue ink to create the clouds in the sky and then we added a couple birds flying across the sky.  This pic is showing you how awesome my moutains turned out.......TOTALLY COOL!  This card by far was my favorite card.  The longest (and hardest) part of this card was building up the nerve to start TEARING the paper........(do other people out there have trouble cutting or tearing their paper?????).
Next up, Marie had us create a forest/landscape type card - and since I don't own a single landscape or tree stamp - I had to borrow this stamp set from my fellow stamping buddy Kris.  We began by stamping (in white ink) our trees onto a piece of black cardstock and then added stripes of torn black and gray cardstock to create the ground for our card.
Here's a close-up of the ground I created.......Pretty cool - but the seriously cool part is when we were finished with our card - we walked them over to Marie and she used a can of Krylon Glitter Spray (bought at Michael's) on our card.  She placed our cards in an empty trash can and sprayed a couple squirks of the glitter spray across our cards to give our cards that shimmering finish........AWESOME LOOK!

Many thanks to Marie Buchfink for teaching this Fun Shop.  It was an amazing afternoon that I shared with my fellow SaddleBrooke Stampers and I really appreciate Marie taking time out of her busy schedule to teach us not only how to create landscape/background cards - but also for reminding us "Tearing Paper" is a GOOD THING!

Hope you can return tomorrow - I will be sharing some swap cards I received from my fellow SouthWest Stampin' UP! demonstrator friends.  Keep Living Your Dream!


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