Monday, April 04, 2011

Planted Some Flowers

It's Monday my Blogger Friends and today I want to share some pictures of the flowers that Jack and I planted over the weekend. We ended up (as we always do......) buying too much - but somehow making it all fits and works in our yard....... Here's my big guy taking a much deversed break from all the bending and shoveling that we did over two days.
This is the view as you stand in our Ramada.......Can you say.....BEAUTIFUL!
And even more plants that are arranged in our Ramada.
The work in progress.......and Jack taking another break in front of the pool.......
Just one of the MANY flowers we ended up putting in pots to help add LOTS of color to our patio.
One of my FAVORITE.......
And I will leave you with seriously should be the Arizona Flower.....These little babies grow like wild....and the only thing that seems to harm them are the deer (they eat these like they are candy). Hence the reason they are in our back yard.
Thanks for stopping by today......We are decorating our Easter Bunny House today and heading off to the Pool......will hopefully have a post to share with you tomorrow.....Keep Living Your Dream!


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