Friday, April 29, 2011

Bunny JelllyBean Pots

Hi Friends.....It's Friday......and I for one am looking forward to the weekend. I'm hoping that you have some fabulous plans for the weekend and whatever your going to be doing........Do it BIG! I would like to start out by saying.....This idea is NOT mine.....but came to me through Tracy at Craft Junkie Too. Tracy posted this fabulous project last week and I FELL....FELL....FELL in love with her project and knew that I had to make these for several of my SaddleBrooke Friends. This is the completed project of those JellyBean Pots that I created.
The idea is that the Easter Bunny fell into the "Jellybean Pot". That was achieved by taking a 1" terra cotta pot and adding colored rick-rack around the upper rim.......Taking a large white pom pom and hot gluing it into the terra cotta pot. I added a small pom pom to the top of the large pom pom for the bunnies tail and you've created a charming little easter bunny - that has went face first into the pot.
The feet were free-handed onto Fun Foam and cut out.......I then hot glued them to the large pom pom.....It's seriously looking like an easter bunny (who fell into the jellybean pot).
I used a black sharpie pen to write "Jellybeans" on the side of the terra cotta pot.....Put the completed pot into a small plastic bag......added a couple handfuls of jellybeans .......tied it all up.....add a tag to the packaging......and hand deliveried these little cutiest to my friends.
And here's one last pics of this fabulous project that Tracy created! It was a fun and quick project that my friends fell in love with.
Hope you can come back tomorrow to see the Easter baskets that I made several of my SaddleBrooke friends this past week. Keep Living Your Dream!


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